2020 Hamachi Nano Xylimum Xtreme rods (Spinning/Threadline)

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2020 Hamachi Nano Xylimum Xtreme Jig


Whats new in Hamachi's 2020 models? In short all our 2020 models have updated nano carbon blanks meaning, higher tensile, longer casts, more sensitivity and even more pulling power and always comes with a lifetime warranty.  


The Nano Xylimum Xtreme™ series are the versatile, traditional full parabolic rod, primarily designed for traditional jigging. They're also an excellent all-round off shore rod perfect for, bottom fishing, live baiting, stray lining, trolling, jigging and much more, this versatility is why the Nano Xylimum series is so popular. 


Utilising a Nano carbon based blank the Xylimum Xtreme have insane fighting power capable of working both speed and slow fall jigs and outstanding sensitivity through the blanks allowing the angler to feel even the slightest of predator knocks.


All models are fitted with the very popular fighting foregrip, providing that extra leverage when tangling with big fish and traditional style EVA rear grip that can also be converted to a cross gimbal with the optional Hamachi NXX alloy gimbal.


The rods are suited to spinning reels from 5000 to 20000 size, if your not sure what reel send us an email we're happy to help!


Blank          Hamachi High performance Nano carbon 
Guides        Hamachi SiC Braid guides (also suitable for mono)
Reel Seat    Hamachi CNC Machined Alloy reel seat double lock nut



This listings is for rods that suit spinning (threadline / fixed spool) reels  Please click here for rods to suit conventional / overhead reels


All Hamachi rods come with a rod bag divided into sections for each piece of the rod  








HAMACHI GLOBAL LIFETIME WARRANTY www.HamachiTackle.jp for further information

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