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Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie Slow Pitch / Fast punch jig rods back in stock PE1-3 & 2-4 , be quick before they sell out again!

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XOS GT'n'Doggie Slow Pitch / Fast punch jig rods back in stock PE1-3 & 2-4 , be quick before they sell out again!

These are the best performance jig rod Hamachi have ever built 

Slow Pitch / Fast Punch
Most Japanese domestic market rods for slow pitch jigging are designed for use from a spankered boat, a powerboat with a tail sail rarely seen outside of Japan that provides near perfect vertical jigging, both constant contact with the jig and no line belly.
To achieve this without a spankered boat anglers find themselves using jigs up to 150% of the rod’s rating, greatly reducing the rods ability to impart the real to life action into the jig. The XOS GT’n’Doggie Expedition™ slow jig rods have been designed for semi vertical to vertical drift jigging; the boat is slowed for vertical jigging with a combination of power and sea anchor. The rods are capable of both fast pitch or punch jigging as well as traditional slow pitch/fall jigging.
When using the crank and jerk slow pitch technique, the rod tip is designed to load up to the weight of the jig and slowly spring back up, pitching the jig in a manner very true to nature of a scared or injured baitfish. Using the fast pitch jigs ratings, the lighter jigs enable the rod to quickly spring back creating an energetic fleeing baitfish with the jig.
Check the full range out here


SOLD OUT - Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie jig rods - More on the way

Hamachi's new XOS GT'n'Doggie jig rods are hands down the best jigging rods they have ever produced!Hence why they sold out in the first week!!We recently had them up at Shark bay and they have the perfect action for turning jigs from lumps of lifeless lead to irresistible baits and for fish control check out [...]

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Thumper cod, 20lb Snapper & Hamachi's new XOS GT'n'Doggie jig rods

Since we picked up the thumper bluebone off the loading dock of the Salt mines here at Shark Bay, we did a couple of subsequent trips to see if we could find the snapper and cobia Pete remembered catching in the years of his yoof.Snapper city, what better place to load up Hamachi's new jigging [...]

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Popping for 100lb GT’s – Rods, Reels & Tactics

What is it about the Giant Trevally or GT as it is more commonly known?I’m not entirely sure that I could explain it, ever since I was young kid the GT has been a fish that I have been obsessed with. I’ve been fortunate enough to battle with huge marlin, tuna, sharks and countless [...]

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Hamachi Fly rod and reels due in next week

Our first shipment of Hamachi Salt and Freshwater fly kits are due to arrive in this coming weekAlloy reels, high end rods complete with flylines and flies tailored to specific regions, everything you need in each tailored high end kit 5wt 7wt 8wt  9wts 12wts are all on the way.If you're looking to chase bonefish on [...]

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Hamachi Agera SW5000 spin and jig reel in action

The first Look, at the new Hamachi Agera SW5000 spin and jig reel in action on a good cobia https://youtu.be/2Nz5rw3AlooPre order now, due in late MayFull light weight machined alloy construction11+1 ARB BearingsHeavy duty gearsOne of the smoothest drags on the marketIdeal for up to 30lb braidavailable in 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 sizes

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Norfolk Island...potential unlimited......

Well, I am just back from a week up at Norfolk Island with my good mates, Bill and Linda Hohepa. The aim of this trip was for Bill to snag his long-held wish for nailing a 40lb-plus snapper...something Dave Bigg, our skipper, has done twice already himself.Norfolk is a great little place. It really is [...]

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New Zealand Kingfish tackle and tactics

New Zealand Kingfish tackle and tacticsFirst, find your fish.....Well, January in Whitianga,New Zealand. One of the countrys most popular summer holiday resort towns, this time of year the town swells from 4000 to 30000 people, boating, jet skiing, masses of folks. To this correspondent that has always meant pretty hard fishing, with the swarms of holiday [...]

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