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2018 Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie 7'6 Expedition JDM PE 5-10 (Spinning/Threadline)

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408.00 Grams
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The 2018 Hamachi XOS Gt'n'Doggie™  Expedition 7'6 JDM 



The 2018 Hamachi XOS Gt'n'Doggie™  Expedition 7'6 JDM is one of the newest editions to the Expedition series of rods. The Expedition series of rods are designed for those who love travelling to different parts of the world to go fishing, with that in mind we designed all our Expedition series rods to be 3 piece rods, the 7'6 JDM packing down to a tiny 82cm (2'8) and weighing in at 408g (14.4oz).


Hamachi's XOS Gt'n'Doggie™  Expedition 7'6 JDM is no slouch when it comes to landing your next big fish, a parabolic rod rated at PE 5-10, with a max drag of 22kg@ 45 degrees and 18kg@ 60 degrees. The JDM 7'6 also features tangle-free guides, something very important when you're casting poppers, stick baits or anything, as nothing is worse than getting tangled up mid-cast and possibly ruining the chances of you hooking up to a monster fish.


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All Hamachi fishing rods come with a rod bag divided into sections for each piece.




Blank Material: Nano Carbon 


Lure weight: 60-220g 


Max Drag: 22kg @45 degrees, 18kg @60 degrees 


Rod length: 7'6


Rod length: Collapsed: 2'8 (82cm)


Rod Sections: 3 Pieces


Rod Weight: 408g~