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Hamachi 200lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel (Suits 15 - 37kg )


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Hamachi BX6CZ 10
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Hamachi 200lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel

Every time your fishing line gets a twist in it between the rod and the lure or the rod and the fish you are catching, it weakens.  As the number of twists in the line increase, the weakening becomes increasingly more substantial. Eventually the line will break easily and unexpectedly.

One solution to the problem is to install a ball bearing swivel between the rod tip and the lure or hook at the end of the line. As the lure or fish on the end of the line spins, the swivel will allow the line to rotate and maintain its strength.These Hamachi ball bearing swivels are cast with stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion from obstructing the motion of the device.

These are as good as Sampo's and under half the price!


Hamachi BX6CZ Solid Ring & Coast Lock Snap Swivel

Size No. - 6
Lb. Test - 200lb

Ideal for 15 to 37kg tackle (30lb - 80lb)