2021 Hamachi XOS GT'n'DOGGIE Expedition Series Traditional Speed Jig rod 5'6 & 6'0 (Conventional / Casting)


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2021 Hamachi XOS GT’n’Doggie™ Traditional speed Jig rods



The latest update to the Hamachi range! The 2021 Models are made using the latest nano-carbon technologly improving preformance allowing for, longer & more accurate casting, increase in lifting power, higher sensitivity and like always comes with a lifetime warranty.  




Hamachi's XOS GT'n'Doggie Expedition Traditional Speed jig rods are the versatile all-round offshore rod, designed for dedicated hard core speed jigging but are more than capable to be used for trolling, bottom fishing and live baiting.


With a closed length of only a 1.18 meter (3’2) they are perfect for travel and built with plenty of grunt. The ultra light weight makes them an outstanding choice for all day fishing.


Crafted to be the ultimate rod for jigging wrecks, coral reefs and the deep blue with the ability to slam on the brakes and turn the biggest fish you can find, these rods are the perfect choice for anglers who love jigging, bottom fishing and trolling but don't want to carry around 3 different rods.


This is the conventional/casting model 


All Hamachi rods come with a rod bag divided into sections for each piece of the rod.






HAMACHI GLOBAL LIFETIME WARRANTY www.HamachiTackle.jp for further information