4 strand Hamachi Bullet proof Braid 1000m spools


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Hamachi Extreme Ultra Thin 4 Strand Bullet Proof Braid 

What type of fishing 4 stand braid is best suited for,

4 strand braid is ideal for the infrequent fishers and those that typical do lots of bottom fishing in under 150m

Its more than adequate for trolling, poppering and jigging, however if regularly find yourself on teh water jigging, poppering, deep drop, trolling and more then we recommend stepping up to Hamachi's 8 strand braid!


Bulletproof PE has an ultra slick silicone coating making glide thru your rod guides, great for Jigging, spinning, bottom bouncing and trolling

Being ultra thin allows!!

- More line on your reel

- Cast further

- Less water drag keeping your jig vertical

Our Extreme braids are available in single and multi colour (depth finder)

We use what we sell, having personally used our braid to take everything from poppering for GT's to jigging for big smabo's and kingies to trolling for pelagics


About the depth finder (multi colour) braid and why its so good!

Depth finder braids colour change every 32 feet (10m) provided the ultimate advantage for jigging and deep sea fishing. Using depth finder braids can be the difference between catching and not on many days.

How is it used?

Simply watch and count the color changes as your jig drops to the bottom. If you are fishing in 330 feet (100m) of water and see a school at 210-230 feet (65-70m) on the sounder, Depth finder braid Makes it easy to get you fishing in the right spot, by dropping it down 7 colour changes (230 feet/70m) so your bait is right inside that school, taking out the guess work. Its also prefect for counting out lure distance when trolling



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