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8 strand Hamachi Bullet proof Braid 500m spools


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Hamachi Extreme Ultra Thin 8 Strand Bullet Proof Braid 

What type of fishing 8 stand braid is best suited for and why,

8 strand braid is best for people looking to do lots of popper, jigging, casting, game and or deep drop fishing, if you plan to mostly be doing bottom fishing in under 150m of water and occasionally doing some of the previously mentioned types of fishing we'd recommend using 4 strand braid, 4 strand is better suited toward bottom fishing and you wont really get the benefits of the 8 strand if you most commonly bottom fish in sub 150m, but if you do lots of the more sport style fishing, like what we said above, then please take a moment to read about why we recommend 8 strand for that style of fishing 

8 strand has a a silky smooth finish so it doesn't cut into your thumb as bad as 4 strand when feeding the line back and forth while using a conventional reel, more resistant to abrasion than 4 strand so when you're jigging for example having your line rub against a wreck or rock isnt as big of a worry, its very limp and is perfect for those doing lots of casting, poppering and jigging as 8 strand casts further but also since its so limp when jigging and using poppers makes your lure moves more freely and naturally, its also highly recommended for those doing deep drop fishing (150m+) especially for those using roller rods with electric reels not only feeds through the rollers better also goes on the reel easier and lasts longer than 4 strand, which is very import to those with high capacity reels as no one wants to be re-spooling their reel all the time.

Our 500m 8 stand braid is available in 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 80lb, 100lb, we also have 1500m 150lb 8 strand please check our other listing for it 

Extreme PE has an ultra slick silicone coating making glide thru your rod guides, great for Jigging, spinning, bottom bouncing and trolling

Being ultra thin allows!!

- More line on your reel

- Cast further

- Less water drag keeping your jig vertical

Our Extreme braids are available in single and multi colour (depth finder)

We use what we sell, having personally used our braid to take everything from poppering for GT's to jigging for big smabo's and kingies to trolling for pelagic.

About the depth finder (multi colour) braid and why its so good!

Depth finder braids colour change every 32 feet (10m) provided the ultimate advantage for jigging and deep sea fishing. Using depth finder braids is the absolute difference between catching and not catching fish on many days, How is it used? Using this color changing line is rather simple, you simply watch and count the color changes as your jig drops to the bottom. If you are fishing in 330 feet (100m) of water and see a school at 210-230 feet (65-70m) on the sounder, Depth finder braid Makes it easy to get you fishing in the right spot, by dropping it down 7 colour changes (230 feet/70m) so your bait is right inside that school, it not only gives you a much better idea where you're fishing by taking out the guess work of where your bait is, but also when that fish takes your bait and runs with it, you know exactly how far its taken it and how much line is left until the reel is empty.


Its also an amazing help when spooling reels!

Gone are the days of guessing how much line is actually on your reel or going to spool two reels and by the end of the second reel it comes up short of where you need it to be. Then having to join the line to another spool of braid, creating a major weak point in the line and also shorting that spool (and repeating the cycle) or stripping it all off and having to buy more braid not only wasting your precious time that could be fishing, but also if not re-spooled correctly can cause the braid to become tangled and possibly damaged. Now you'll always know how much line is left on your spools and how much line is on your reels.

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